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Our mission is to create an awareness of the absolute need to elect officeholders who uphold the U.S. Constitution and respect its limits on their authority and the powers of  government. We will cultivate an understanding of the individual rights and responsibilities respecting life, liberty, and property, which were recognized by the founders of the greatest and noblest Republic as having been ordained by our Creator.


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It doesn't matter what Political Party affiliation you are, neither party is representing We The People and our will that we elected them to represent!
Michigan Representative George Cushingberry scolds constituents
I guess he forgot that as Chair of Appropriations, the decisions he makes about taxes and spending affect every resident in the state. The good Representative apparently lost it on the House floor recently. This is exactly why we need to vote all of these idiots out of office. They all think they are above We The People who elected them to represent us. His decisions effect all of us in Michigan as Appropriations Chairman. To say don't call him is absurd, he is an elected Michigan Politician whether or not you are from his district.
Trash Talking the Fed, the Dollar, and the Banksters
"Ben Bernanke and Tim Geithner have become the quintessential short-term decision makers," he said. "They explicitly do whatever it takes to solve one problem at a time and deal with the unintended consequences later. It is too soon for history to evaluate their work, because there hasn't been time for the unintended consequences of the 'do whatever it takes' decision-making to materialize."
Housing prices forecast to fall in 2010 -- and could keep falling for years
Fiserv, a financial information and analysis firm, is forecasting that national median home prices will fall 11.3 percent by summer 2010. All of these data points suggest some pernicious drivers of the bubble haven't changed in the three years since the housing bubble popped.
Bailout watchdog says 'it's unrealistic' that taxpayers will get 100 percent return
WASHINGTON -The man who watches over the $700 billion in government money given to banks and other institutions to avert a financial collapse said Wednesday he thinks it's too early to say how much will be repaid to the taxpayers. Inspector General Neil Barofsky said he believes that "it's unrealistic to think we're going to get all of that money back." Why is that when The Banksters are turning huge profits since the bailouts?
With the dollar falling, why not bet against it? Here's why
It's not because the dollar is strong or even appears to have much upside anytime soon. As we have said before, as long as the Federal Reserve continues to print money through a zero-interest-rate policy, the U.S. keeps running a big trade deficit and other nations move their foreign-exchange reserves out of dollars, the buck has no place to go but down.
Like it or not, here comes more stimulus
There's a push to extend some expiring provisions from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. But it will be done in bits and pieces. Here's a rundown of what's under consideration, estimates of what the provisions might cost and where they stand currently in the legislative process.
23 states report higher unemployment in September
WASHINGTON -Unemployment rates rose last month in 23 states and
The Labor Department says Nevada, Rhode Island and Florida in September posted their highest jobless rates on records dating to 1976. Michigan reported the nation's highest unemployment rate at 15.3 percent. It was followed by Nevada at 13.3 percent, Rhode Island at 13 percent, California at 12.2 percent and South Carolina at 11.6 percent.
US deficit surges to all-time record
The federal budget deficit has surged to an all-time high of $1.42 trillion as the recession caused tax revenues to plunge while the government was spending massive amounts to stabilize the financial system and jump-start the economy.
US deficit surges to all-time record -- DailyFinance
Insider trader could rock boardrooms from Silicon Valley to Wall Street
Galleon Holdings, the $3.7 billion hedge fund whose founder, Raj Rajaratnam is out on $100 million bail for his role at the center of a $20 million insider trading scandal, owns big positions in dozens of public companies whose stock and management teams could be in trouble.
Suggested Book Reading of the Month
This book can change America, and undermine all the statists in DC, by explaining, in easy to understand terms, the history of the Fed and all the trouble it has caused, and why we can and must replace it with the Constitution. End the Fed (9780446549196): Ron Paul: Books


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